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17 April 2024
Apex Chemistry Blog

Author: Dr Holly Bonfield In 2019, the Koenig group reported a method for the controlled isomerisation of alkenes by dual visible […]

15 February 2024
Apex Chemistry Blog

Author: Dr Philip Smith In 2023, the Ramachandran Research group reported a Lewis acid-catalysed reduction of esters to ethers and […]

09 November 2023
Apex Chemistry Blog

Photochemical Decarboxylative Borylation

04 October 2023
Apex Chemistry Blog

SAMARIUM CATALYSIS Author: Dr Frédéric Beltran Download a copy of the article here Over the last four decades, Samarium iodide […]

11 October 2022
Apex Chemistry Blog

Download a copy of Olefin Metathesis here Author: Dr Joseph Cowell Olefin metathesis is the reaction between two olefin moieties […]

28 September 2022
Apex Chemistry Blog

Download the article – What the Heck [O} here Author: Dr Holly Bonfield The Heck or Mizoroki-Heck reaction takes an […]

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