Our modern laboratory facilities are highly serviced and flexible enabling us to meet our customers’ needs across the pre-clinical early development phases – from milligrams to hundreds of grams.


We can operate across the lab scale from mL to 20 L and synthesise mg to small Kgs of target compounds. We are equipped to carry out most modern chemistries including low and high temperature reactions, hydrogenations, carbonylations, alkylations, cross coupling chemistries and microwave chemistry.



  • 40+ Fumehoods
  • 8000 sq ft lab and office facilities
  • Plumbed-in argon and nitrogen services
  • Dedicated High Vacuum system
  • Home Office Licence for Controlled Substances Schedule 1 to Schedule 4
  • Fully serviced fumehoods with Firetrace® Fire Suppression System
  • Solvent and Chemicals Store


  • 6- and 12-place Radley™ Carousel Reactors
  • Parallel hydrogenator (up to 7 x 20 mL reactors)
  • Biotage™ automated microwave synthesis system
  • Lab2B Ozone generator
  • HepatoChem EvoluChem Photoreactor
  • Biotage™ automated chromatography kit
  • 2 x Teledyne ISCO CombiFlash® automated chromatography kit
  • PuriFlash® automated chromatography kit

Development &
Scale-up Chemistry

  • Scale-up jacketed reactors up to 20 L
  • Low and high temperature control (-78°C-200°C)
  • 1 L Pressure hydrogenator (up to 10 bar)

Highly Potent

  • Clean room with four-glove negative pressure isolator
  • Wet chemistry laboratory with three fumehoods
  • Separate gowning area
  • Controlled access to high potency facilities
  • Plumbed nitrogen and compressed air services
  • Dedicated air handling system operated under negative pressure cascade

Analytical Capabilities

Our facilities include:

  • 3 x Water H-Class UPLCMS with PDA/QDa detectors providing rapid reaction monitoring and final compound purity assessment methodology
  • Waters preparative HPLC system
  • Bruker 400 MHz NMR

Access to:

  • 2 x Acquity H-Class with PDA/QDa detectors providing rapid reaction monitoring and final compound purity assessment methodology
  • FractionLynx Autopurify system with PDA/QDa detection for intermediate and final compound mass directed purification (10 mg to 1 g scale)
  • Bruker™ NMR (500 MHz)
  • Interface across all system provided via a simple Open Access platform

Wider site – facilities and partners

Our analytical facilities also include:

  • Varian™ GCMS
  • Particle size analyser
  • Bruker™ NMR (400 MHz)

Our information resources include:

  • Library Facilities
  • Online access to a number of journals and the British Library
  • Reaction database search capability with SciFinder®