Press Release- Apex Molecular, going from strength-to-strength with impressive growth

16 March 2022

Press release by Acceleris 14.03.2022

Apex Molecular, a leading provider of specialist chemistry services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and applied chemistry sectors, today announced tremendous company growth led by a 53% increase in top line performance. The last 12 months also saw the business increase its international customer base, with 25% of customers during the year being from the US.


Apex puts its growth down to its burgeoning reputation, bolstered by significant repeat business and recommendations from existing customers to potential new ones.


Based within the world-renowned site of Alderley Park,Cheshire, the experienced and growing team supports their global client base with a wide range of services from state-of-the-art facilities for scientific research.


Apex’s flexible and intelligent approach to project design, combined with the insight and perseverance to every project, has made them apartner of choice within the industry.


The Company understands the importance of high quality and timely communication throughout a project and how to execute it flawlessly.Apex Molecular has a complete focus on ensuring that clients’ projects are managed with minimal risk and delivered on time which is critical in drug discovery.


The business provides a range of services and products tomeet the specific needs of clients. This ranges from purchasing specialist products to de-risk internal research to contract chemistry services to smallerad-hoc assignments.


Stuart Brown heads up Apex Molecular as CEO and co-founder,Tom Screen (COO). Both have been an integral part of Apex’s transformation over recent years. In addition, the Company possesses a highly qualified team of PhD chemists, which it utilises to service clients’ needs.


The Company has expanded its laboratory space, allowing for further expansion in its range of services. With over 10,000 sq ft of specifically designed laboratory space, the new laboratory space provides significant additional capacity for ongoing and future client projects. In addition, Apex has doubled its headcount by  over the last two year and is actively recruiting to meet the needs of its customer enquiry pipeline.


In addition to the new laboratory, the Company has invested in new equipment, including a  Bruker 400MHz Advanced III HD NMR, two Waters Aquity H-Class UPLC MS systems, and threeTeledyne ISCO CombiFlash® NextGen 300+ automated chromatography systems. The investment will enable the Company to enhance its analytical offering of their medicinal chemistry drug discovery projects and increase their product offering to clients whilst also providing added efficiencies to Apex.


The increased capacity has enabled the Company to serve better its existing global client base, many of whom have come on board during a period of sustained strong growth for the Company in recent years. The increased capacity also enables further expansion across a range of services, with the Company acquiring over 100 new customers since moving to Alderley Parkin 2015 and a growing international presence.


“Apex’s sustained growth over recent years is due to the extremely hard work of our expanding team and how they communicate and deliver for our customers. Our expansion is set to continue as we bring in new customers and chemists, predominantly in the areas of pre-clinical drug discovery. The future looks very exciting for Apex.” – Stuart Brown, Chief Executive Officer

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