Metabolites generation is a crucial area for any drug discovery program. Where metabolic identities have been discovered, our chemistry teams can design and perform bespoke synthesis projects using our highly specialised equipment and expertise.

In addition to metabolite synthesis, our teams are also experienced in the synthesis of stable isotopically labelled (SIL) compounds, both parent API and metabolites.

OurĀ  chemistry teams have direct experience in:

  • Synthesis of stable isotopically labelled compounds –2H, 13C and 15N
  • Multi or single substitution of stable isotopes
  • Identification and synthesis of Phase 1 and 2 metabolites including;
    • N-oxides
    • Acyl glucuronides
    • O-glucuronides
    • Hydroxides
    • Glutathione conjugation

All compound structures and purity are confirmed using our analytical services including UPLCMS and NMR. Additional characterisation can be obtained via third party providers as required, e.g. chiral purity.