Apex Molecular provides medicinal chemistry services to support drug discovery research programs. We offer both complete chemistry services, or work to complement our customers’ current chemistry capabilities.


We Offer

Based in the unrivalled Alderley Park R&D facilities, with unparalleled access to specialist pharma, biotech and service companies we are uniquely placed to advance your medicinal chemistry projects from early discovery and pre clinical development up to clinical nomination.

We are experienced in working across the pre clinical drug discovery phase. From lead discovery to lead development and optimisation, and including non-GLP in-vivo toxicology studies. We provide the chemistry support to ensure material requirements for quality and quantity are met at every stage.

Pre-Clinical Drug Discovery Services

  • The capability to work on scales ranging from milligrams to hundreds of grams supporting all stages of the pre-clinical drug discovery program from hit identification to toxicology studies.
  • Design and synthesis of compound libraries to support lead development and lead optimisation programs based on SAR and chemical feasibility
  • Design and synthesis of building blocks and cores.
  • Route optimisation of candidate compounds to enable the efficient synthesis of larger quantities of material for further testing.