With both standard and highly specialised equipment at our disposal we can meet the challenges of most chemistry custom synthesis problems. A wide range of chemistry expertise within our staff also gives us direct experience across a range of synthetic areas including homogeneous catalysis, asymmetric synthesis, heterocyclic synthesis and biocatalysis.


We aim to operate an effective evaluation and proposal process (3 days initial evaluation, 10 days until proposal). All our projects are operated under integrated project management with key contact and weekly updates.
If you have a custom synthesis requirement, please contact us directly or submit your request on our contact page.

We can provide full R&D analytical services for in-process and final active compounds with MS, LC-MS-MS; GC-MS; NMR (500MHz).

Our chemistry expertise has been applied to:

  • Complex multistep organic synthesis
  • Synthesis of milligram quantities of targets compounds for screening
  • Rapid scale up synthesis from millligrans to multigram quantities
  • Custom synthesis of building blocks and intermediates to support medicinal chemistry projects
  • Custom synthesis of compounds for patent exemplification
  • Custom synthesis standards and process impurities
  • Identification and synthesis metabolites
  • Synthesis of cross linkers
  • Synthesis of ligands and homogeneous catalysts