Case Study – FTE

16 October 2019


Emerging biotech companies require fast, flexible and responsive partners to ensure their projects are delivered on time and on budget. Apex Molecular has a proven track record in delivering , making us the partner of choice for chemistry services in discovery projects.

The Challenge

The Challenge Redag Crop required the synthesis of multiple series of novel small molecule compounds under a tight timeline for testing in their discovery program and to exemplify patent filings. The multiple targets required the development of synthetic routes which included a wide range of chemistries, and in many cases, limited literature precedence existed.

Solution & Outcome

Apex Molecular worked closely with Redag and designed a multiple FTE project. Clear communication was established from the beginning which ensured that Redag were informed on all progress and as priorities evolved Apex Molecular chemists quickly adapted the chemistry work flows to ensure no research time was under utilised.

The project included a wide range of core structures, diverse chemistries and multi-step syntheses therefore chemistry was trialed on small scale before being scaled up to furnish larger quantities of cores for diver-sification in targeted library synthesis. Compounds were analysed and fully characterised ahead of being dispatched to external testing partners. The results were incorporated into Redag’s patent filings, meeting the deadline with example compounds in all the agreed target classes, thus strengthening their IP portfolio and leading to increased investments.

“The work was completed on time to a demanding and fixed deadline impressed by Apex Molecular’s adaptability to changing priorities as the deadline approached Apex Molecular provided regular clear communications and excellent value for money. Without the chemistry services provided by Apex Molecular we would not have secured our funding from our investment round. We were happy to extend our relationship with Apex Molecular no hesitation in recommending them.” 

Bill Thompson, CEO, Redag Crop Protection Ltd

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