Every chemical synthesis has different challenges and Apex Molecular designs the bespoke project depending on the level of complexity utilising either a fee for service (FFS) or a research based full time equivalent (FTE) approach.

Fee For Service (FFS)
A FFS or FTE chemistry services approach is chosen depending on the specific needs of each individual project. Indeed, a FFS approach is favoured when a project has strong precedent or literature background, without the need for extensive development. For example, a particular client required the synthesis of a compound which followed a two-step synthesis, based on a literature process, requiring little route optimisation, development and scale -up. In this case, Apex Molecular applied our knowledge, expertise and state of the art equipment to manufacture the compound. The agreed price was paid only on delivery of the compound to the customer.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
For technically more challenging and research intensive chemistry projects, an FTE approach is employed. These projects have less literature precedence, and may require some route scouting, development and optimisation in order to obtain the compound(s). For these projects, the client hires a specific individual or team to work as a dedicated and exclusive resource, and is charged for the time spent working on the project. The FTE approach makes the maximum use of a chemist’s time allowing more speculative and innovative chemistry solutions to be explored. The FTE chemistry approach is also more flexible, with bespoke project design to add or remove chemistry targets as project priorities evolve. FTE projects are charged monthly and can be relatively short, e.g. Proof of Concept synthesis, to long term e.g. multiple FTE, medicinal chemistry programs requiring close customer communication and internal project management.

FTE Benefits
Consider FTE based synthesis resources as a direct extension of your own organisation, a true partnership particularly as you have direct contact with dedicated individuals. Utilising our FTE synthesis service means a single client will receive a dedicated team offering a high level of expertise with technical and productivity enhancements. Moreover, the client is exclusively able to secure capacity and resources for as long as the project requires. FTEs offer a high level of integration & customisation to meet specific needs, with the added ability to track performance.

Project Management
We ensure our client’s projects progress in a timely and efficient manner with processes that are fit for purpose.
All our projects are operated under integrated project management with key contacts and weekly updates, ensuring that we meet customer’s requirements wherever possible.

We work together with organisations throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.We provide multiple FTE chemistry research services to virtual companies through to big pharma, along with academic research groups. This enables us to support all chemical synthesis research requirements.